When you book your shipping with Gzoexpress, you benefit from up to 85% lower shipping prices for domestic and international shipping of parcels, pallets or bulky goods – as standard or express option. We have negotiated wholesale rates for you directly with parcel carriers and freight forwarders. In addition, all traceable costs are included directly and transparently in the shipping price – so you have full cost control at all times.
Currently you can send your parcels, pallets or bulky goods with gzoexpress or with DSV. We are constantly working to increase the number of cooperations with parcel services and forwarders. This way we can offer you the best possible deal!
gzoexpress is a logistics platform exclusively for businesses. The recipient of a parcel, pallet or bulky goods shipment can be both a private individual as well as a company.
With Gzoexpress you can send parcels, pallets and bulky goods nationally, i.e. within Poland, and internationally, i.e. to other EU countries and worldwide destinations. You can also handle your export and import needs to Germany with Gzoexpress.
Get started in just a few minutes! Simply register for free. Then enter your shipping information in the shipping system and get an overview over the best shipping solutions offered by multiple Sendify partner parcel carriers and freight forwarders. You can choose whether you prioritize fast delivery time or low shipping costs. Book with the shipping service provider that best suits your needs. Confirm the booking and print the shipping label: and you are set to go!
With Gzoexpress, companies can send parcels, pallets and bulky goods as piece goods or groupage.
Gzoexpress is a platform where you can compare the prices for parcels, pallets and bulky goods at various shipping services and book them online. Gzoexpress acts as an intermediary between you and the logistics provider. We have negotiated wholesale prices for you in advance and pass these on to our customers. We are also available to you at any time with our customer service to make your logistics as easy and convenient as possible. The handling itself – pickup, shipping, delivery, service agreements and liability – remains with the logistics provider. Please contact us via the customer service chat box if you have any questions. You can also find more information in our terms of use.